Laowa 0.7x Focal Reducer for Probe Lens EF-R

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Laowa 0.7x Focal Reducer for Probe Lens is the best focal reducer for probe lens. We have 5 Camera Mount Options for each PL / Canon EF Lens. With the foal reducer, it makes your full frame lens to be mounted on APS-C or Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras, to reduce crop on these sensors. Product Highlights · Permits mounting a full-frame PL or Canon EF mount lens on a S35/ APS-C or Micro Four Thirds camera body · It is a manual adapter that maintains the image quality, which effectively eliminates the crop factor while making available to the sensor an additional 1 stop of light for each of the lens's f/stop settings · 0.7x Focal Reducer/Widens Angle of View by 0.7x making the focal length of the probe lens 17mm, i.e., equivalent to around 25mm in Full Frame, using an S35 cinema camera. (M43: equivalent to 33mm in Full Frame) · It enlarges aperture to f/10 · Aluminium and plastic components for durability and weight reduction