Laowa 12-24mm f/5.6 Zoom - Leica L

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Laowa 12-24mm f/5.6 Zoom is an ultra-wide zoom lens designed for fullframe mirrorless cameras. With an angle of view from 84° to 121°, the lens can be very useful for multiple scenarios. It also has a fixed f/5.6 maximum aperture throughout the whole zoom range, which gives the photographer much greater control over the photo. The lens is relatively lightweight in its class. It is compressed to be around 84mm long and weighs about 497g. The lens is also compatible with 77mm filters (With the lens hood) and has a 15cm close-focusing distance. It is easily creating interesting shots with good background separation. Like many Laowa lenses, this wide-angle lens also renders stunning 10-point Sunstars. Product Highlight · 12mm to 24mm zoom range (Ultra wide: 84° to 121.9°) · Fixed aperture · 15cm Closest focusing distance · Light and compact (⌀69.4 x 84mm, 497g) · 77mm filter (with the lens hood) · 10-point Sunstars · “Frog eye” coating