Laowa 6mm f/2 Zero-D MFT Lens

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Laowa 6mm f/2 Zero-D MFT is an ultra-wide tiny MFT lens, also captivated for gimbals, handheld, FPV drone users, etc. The lens weighed 188g with a standard 58mm filter thread for mounting screw-in filters making it possible to be one’s travel kit lens with less burden. A wide angle of view of 121.9° allows you to capture any environment with ease. The Zero-D feature makes this lens capable of landscapes and buildings. Photographers can get intimate with their subjects due to its minimum focusing distance of 9cm. The low aperture of f/2 increases the flexibility of the lens to shoot under dim light conditions. The auto aperture makes things easier and lets the new lens stand out from its cine version. Product Highlight Large Aperture of f/2 121.9° Ultra-Wide Angle of View Zero Distortion 9cm Minimum Focusing Distance Light & Compact Auto Aperture 10 Point Sunstars