Laowa 7.5mm f/2 MFT (Auto Aperture)

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This lens is the widest prime lens with f/2 for Micro Four Third cameras in the market. With its ultra-fast aperture, it can handle different shooting situations easily. Although the lens is super wide and fast, it weighs only ~150g that photographers can carry for different purposes (like landscape, astrophotography, or dim-lit photography) without putting much extra burden. The new auto aperture version is equipped with a CPU chip and motor. You can now control the aperture in-camera and record all the metadata in the EXIF. The focus magnifier also makes focusing more accurate and convenient. This lens is also perfect for vlogging, drones, and other lightweight videography setups as well. Product Highlight Ultra-wide (widest prime lens with fast aperture) – 110° Light and Compact – 150g Large aperture – f/2 Close Minimum Focusing Distance – 12 cm Auto-Aperture 10 Pins Sunstars New!!