Laowa Aurogon FF 10-50x NA0.5 supermicro APO - Nikon Z

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Laowa Aurogon FF 10-50x NA0.5 supermicro APO boasts a range of remarkable features and enhancements. With switchable 10x, 20x, 35x, and 50x magnification, capture images with exceptionally high resolution and produce detailed and sharp images from a super-micro view. Product Highlight Covered Full Frame Interchangeable 10x, 20x, 35x, 50x magnification lens tube - Replace the Tube lens with a different ratio Fixed 20mm long working distance for all magnification - Easier for light setup (Both for flash and continuous light) - Prevent the heat of light damage APO Design - Minimize chromatic aberrations in all magnification ratio Adjustable numerical aperture (NA) - Up to 0.5 (8 NA grade in total) - Low ISO value can be used Optional Lens Tube Slip Ring - Stable microscopic shooting setup