Laowa Nanomorph Zoom 50-100mm T2.9 1.5X S35 (Blue) - (Cine) Arri PL

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We are excited to introduce the World's first anamorphic zoom lens - Nanomorph 1.5X S35 Anamorphic Zoom Series, an expansion of our renowned world's smallest anamorphic lens collection, now featuring the Zoom range. Specifically designed for S35 sensors, the Nanomorph 1.5X S35 Anamorphic Zoom Series offers unparalleled compactness and lightness. Emphasizing versatility, the series comprises 28-55mm and 50-100mm lenses, both boasting a maximum aperture of T2.9. As dedicated zoom lenses, these compact lenses weigh in at approximately 3.31 lbs (1.5kg), providing cinematographers with an exceptional tool for achieving cinematic zoom effects and capturing widescreen footage. Rest assured, with Nanomorph zoom, you won't have to compromise on quality or flexibility. Product Highlights · Revolutionary Compact Anamorphic Zoom Design · Extremely Compact Design of ~3.31lbs/~1.5kg · Up to 3.6X Zoom Range · Constant 1.5X Squeeze Ratio  · Constant T2.9 Aperture · Low Chromatic Aberration · Parfocal Design · Cinematic Flare with Amber/Blue/Silver Color Options  · Organic & Smooth Oval Bokeh · Short Closest Focusing Distance up to 45cm (1’5”) · Arri PL mount and Optional Mirrorless Mount Available · 77mm Filter Thread for Accessories Attachment · Robust Cine Housing · Back Focus Adjustment System · Compatible with 1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter to achieve a 2X Squeeze Ratio