SpiderPro Lens Collar Plate v2

SpiderPro Lens Collar Plate v2

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The NEW SpiderPro Lens Collar Plate v2 is specifically designed for the photographer shooting with longer lenses, such as the 70-200mm.
By attaching to the lens collar, your gear will balance better for a more comfortable experience and there will be less stress on the camera’s lens mount.

– Built-in 1/4″-20 mount hole
– Safety Stop Screw Feature (stop screw provided)
– Built-in hex wrench

– x2 pre-installed SpiderPro Anti-Twist Pins.

For use with a SpiderPro Single Camera System
or SpiderPro Dual Camera System.

Lens Collar Plate v2 Header
Lens Collar Plate v2 has a built-in mount

The Spider Lens Collar Plate v2 creates a more comfortable and safe carrying experience, especially when holstering cameras with long lenses. The Lens Collar Plate properly balances the camera in a way that does not sag or raise the risk of impact.

Arca-Swiss compatibility

Anti-slip rubber grips and anti-rotation features keep the plate aligned with the lens.

The Lens Collar Plate v2 is Arca Swiss compatible
Compatible lenses

For professional lenses (70-200mm and up).


.238lbs. / 3.80 oz / 108g


Durable stainless steel & aluminum construction.

Compatible holsters

SpiderPro Single/Dual Camera Systems, SpiderLight Single/Dual Camera Systems.