SpiderPro Medium Lens Pouch
SpiderPro Medium Lens Pouch

SpiderPro Medium Lens Pouch

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This professional lens pouch easily attaches directly to your photo belt, and allows you to store your lens without removing the lens hood!

It allows you to carry a 24-70mm lens with the hood still attached!

Includes a tether for your lens cover, and has a built-in rain cover!

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A great companion to our Large Lens Pouch, our Medium Lens Pouch is the best professional pouch for carrying a medium lens with the hood attached.

Our medium lens pouch includes a rain cover, and a velcro tether for your back lens cap (you’re welcome!). Look at how cozy this Canon 24-70mm L lens is here– with the hood attached!

Features of the SpiderPro Medium Lens Pouch include

  • Designed specifically to hold a medium-sized pro lens.
  • Expandable pouch opening allowing for quick and safe access to lenses.
  • Built-in solution for tethering the rear lens cap while changing lenses.
  • A removable pouch lid that can fold back and out of the way (and even detach completely) when quick access is necessary to protect contents from the elements.
  • Expandable with additional Spider Monkey kits, purchased separately.
  • Folds flat for ease of travel.
  • Fits on our SpiderPro Holster Belt, our Black Widow Holster Belt and third party industry standard belts.

Superb quick-draw accessibility and optimal lens protection

Our Lens Pouches include some ingenious modifications on traditional top-load lens cases. To improve accessibility and enable swapping lenses safely with one hand, the SpiderPro Medium Lens Pouch features a water resistant vertical zipper that runs down the middle. Where traditional lens pouches barely allow enough clearance to wrap your fingertips around the large diameter of the lens, the expandable mouth of the Spider Holster pouch enables you to comfortably reach all the way in and take a firm grip of the lens at the mid-section.

This expandable zipper opening also allows for a much easier insertion of Pro lenses with the hood attached. You no longer need to reverse the lens hood or change the lens’s configuration.

Our pouch also has built-in features that enable our Spider Monkey to clip to the pouch exterior. You can then expand your carrying options by quickly attaching your accessories like light meters, flashes, battery packs, and more.

Thoughtful design

The SpiderPro Lens Pouches also provides a unique solution for the rear lens cap, saving time and hassle when exchanging lenses while keeping the rear lens cap secure while not in use.

With a secure Velcro attachment point, the SpiderPro Medium Lens Pouch easily hangs from any belt, allowing for rotation when not in use. The modular nature of the pouch means you can quickly scale the carrying system up and down to meet your gear needs for any shoot. Crafted using both tough Cordura and flexible Neoprene, the pouch also offers flexibility and strength to safely carry and accommodate various large lenses.