SpiderPro SCS V2 (single camera system)

SpiderPro SCS V2 (single camera system)

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Your camera from hip to hands in a flash!
Our SpiderPro Single Camera System is the perfect tool for the professional sport, wedding or event photographer looking for a strap-free carrying solution.

SpiderPro (SCS) Single Camera System

Single Camera Holster System SCS


 Accommodates waist sizes 27″-50″ (extensions are available)

 Belt buckle has 3 point release for extra security.

 Unique Self-Locking Design allows safe carry with ease of use.

 Quick-Draw one handed operation!

 Pro₂ Plate has built-in threaded holes that fit any tripod plate.

 Rugged construction can safely carry and operate your heavier DSLR camera and gear.

So how does it work?

It’s actually very simple: Size the Belt to your waist size with the sliding waist pad, (our Pro Belt accommodates waist sizes from 27–50 inches), attach the Pro₂ Plate to your camera’s tripod mount with the built in allen wrench (we provide extra tripod mount points so you can still keep your quick-release plate attached.) After everything is attached, slide your camera into the holster! 

The lens should always be facing directly back when holstered, this allows our self-locking design to balance your camera, and protects your camera lens from being bumped while kneeling or setting up shots.

Recommended Weight Range

5+ lbs (2.25+ kg)

Belt Length

28-50" (71-127cm)

System Weight

1.62 lbs (727g)


Durable Stainless Steel & Aluminum